Audio Visual Experience

Many of my friends spend their weekends going to the cinema for entertainment. They like the cinematic environment because sound system gives them an overwhelming feeling of high quality pictures, and clear crystal audio.

Lately, many people have started to add these components of an audio visual home system in their homes. A room or hall is specially reserved for that out of the world experience. I once visited one that belongs to my ex colleague. Having gotten the keys to her new apartment she had a room specially set up just for her entertainment purpose. Large TV screen, audio systems and speakers monopolized the walls. Furnished simply with just a comfy sofa and a small table for snacks. It was really a wonderful set up. Watching a movie in the room is as good as going to the cinema, if not better. Movies with special effects and concert shows become such a spell binding experience. You'd think you are there for real.

What baffled me was the way it was all laid out. No cables in sight and everything was just streamlined. Although, I do have a small sound system at home, nothing can beat something that is of such high quality audio. I had to coordinate between my cable man, my audio saleman for help and the manuals.

However, there is help in the market. Reflex, established since 1983 has more than 25 years of experience being the supplier of audio visual solutions. Reflex provides a professional and commited service that will take away the stress and complications out of audio visual installations. They have a team of engineers, specially trained in all health and safety installation. Their professional consultants will take you thru stages of design and installation from concept, design (CAD drawings and realistic artists impressions) and once approved will coordinate with third party contractors, architects and consultants. Their main philosophy is to provide the customer with a process so simple.

Leave the job of audio visual installations to the Reflex specialists. It’s worth every penny.

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