Mac Games for Mac Users

Apple Macintosh has been on my 'diet' since the early 90s. I’ve been a loyal and faithful fan ever since and certainly think it is the best looking computer of all times. I use it mainly for my design and layout purpose during my work and freelance jobs.
Apple fans treat their computers and other apple gadgets and softwares with pure passion. I'd never sell my old macs even thought i am not using it. It has sentimental value and has been my friend, temperament and all.

Apple Games
If you are an apple user, certainly you’d be buying or playing games which is optimized for the macintosh. Apple games are excellent. The graphics are really enhanced since the Apple computers are Graphics' based.

The Incredible Machine is among the popular game for Mac users

Contrary to some beliefs, Apple games are not difficult to find. They are expanding and growing each day. A great place to visit is http://www.macgamesandmore.com/
If you’ve been there, you’ll certainly be awed by the extensive stuff in there. Cool apple games, freewares, and merchandise Macintosh-fans would love. Every week there is an updated review on games, products and features on softwares and hardware for the Macintosh.

If you are someone who would like challenge, try out the mac strategy games. One of my classic all time favourite is the mac mahjong. You can also find some great games that are from Japan! Hurry and bookmark this great website now!

An Interesting Japanese Card Deck Game

Cool icons for Macs to download from the site

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