Shopping in town

Today was a shopping trip for us. We were in Suntec City since we didn't fancy walking in crowd-frenzy Orchard. 22nd to 24th are days when Orchard is jam packed you can't get parking anywhere and also the queue at the cashiers are like an hour long. Two hours long for gift wraps.

Suntec City was also crowded but we didn't mind since we usually would just buzz in Carrefour, ToysRus, MyPlayground, and the kids play area. Lunch was at the food court. This place is buzzling with activity because of the wide range of food. You can get Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice in this foodcourt too. So it's not entirely hawker fare but just sized down outlets.

Above: Eel and Beef Teriyaki Set, Below: Saba Fish Set.

Me, as usual would go for Japanese while Ah Boy loves Korean. We seemed to have the same diet even if we are in different food location. I had my Eel and Beef Teriyaki Set and he had his favourite Saba Set. The kids, I ordered BBQ Chicken with yellow rice and from another stall ordered Roast Duck and Roast Pork as sides.

After lunch, we went into Carrefour. It had changed since we last visited maybe in October. Downstairs the food section was the same but the layout for non-food items upstairs were different.

I did some shopping, bought some blouses that I fancy. I took 7 pcs, my record high for one time shopping and at the cashier, felt a bit guilty, put back 2 pcs. Well, I had tighten my budget for sooo long you know. So 5pcs is not really alot! And they were cheap, OKAY? Ladies clothes had extra 20% discount today! Grab Grab Grab!!! Bought a three-quarter (dunno how to type that in numeric) pants for Rae and a trainer pants for Lea (wanna cut down on her expensive MamyPoko diaper pants).

After the shopping at Carrefour, we went out to the Kid's area. On every Sunday here, they serve FREE candy floss, balloons and sometimes popcorn too! The kids went on to queue up at the candy floss queue. Then they went to the hall to watch cartoons too. I just ronda around (I went to ToysRus, shhhhhh...) to double check the price of BabyAlive and PixelChic.
I'd gotten it at another mall last Sunday, I just needed to know how much ToysRus sells... Phewww... not any cheaper or I'd kick myself! In fact those were nett price and it was label, Utimate Christmas Gifts! I saw some other Baby dolls which were like less than $15 with the same things BabyAlive has but the only thing is that, it's not automated. Never mindlah. Quality is good. I got a family game like the olden days Congkak. Thought would be fun to play it with them at home this Christmas holiday. Got it wrapped at the counter and told a white lie when Rae asked who the present is for... Then it was about 6pm and we decided it was really a long day out already.

FREE Candy Floss and Cartoon Time!

Nitetime Say Goodnight Time.. I'd gotten the presents wrapped and placed them by the Christmas Tree. The girls are asleep now... Nite Nite Girls, Your Guardian Angels are probably watching over you..

Presents waiting for the girls

It was a tiring day altogether, but at least I did enjoyed it.


Sue said...

Wah...food again..and presents..my present arrive liao ah? I think will be late ler..

Tau Sar Phneah said...

hoon mum, did u include me in ur present list bo..im waiting for it..ehhehhe..

Dragon said...

sure rae and lea will very happy on christmas day to see the present!!!

David (AKK) said...

Haha... a very enjoyable Xmas Shopping trip for you & your family wor...

Both of your girls are very lucky to have such a very nice "Santa Mummy"... :)

Taoju said...

Happy Merry Christmas to you, ah boy, rae and lea and your kakak too. hehehe. It seems that the staircase position is your favourite place for the presents.. hahahahhaha

Constance Chan said...

tks sue.. havent reached. i'll let u know as soon as they get it..

merry christmas to all of you. hope you'll have a perfect christmas, fabulous 2007 and an wealthy and lucky 2008! oh.. wish that for myself too...lol

Constance Chan said...

oh tsp... i buy you a nice prezzie to make up for the no mum presense this cny ya.. lol

have a bash of a time!

siao zha bor said...

so sweet!

K3ViN said...

wah sur girls n ah boy sure like it.... Merry Christmas....