Botanical Gardens in Singapore

If you are in Singapore, chances are you probably have been to the Botanical Garden. It's somewhat similar to the Penang Botanical Garden, except that this place do not have Macaques* running around..hahaha

Well in Singapore, you do see many health conscious people. They come from all walks of life. From the joggers, to the folks who does tai chis, stretchings, the mothers who jogs with their jogger prams, the couple who are there for some quiet time, the family who brings the kids for a picnic, to the ones who are there for swan feeding. During lunch hour or meal breaks, you see the mid-day crowd who don't mind the heat just to seat on the trendy al-fresco cafe at the Visitor Centre. This is a nice place to just sit and watch people and to listen to the lovely water feature by the side. It is nice to be there and read and feel in touch of nature. You just forget you are in a bustling city of Singapore amidst the jungle city. This is the a place where you can just relax and lose yourself.

You can also attend to the many workshops and tours within the Botanical Gardens.

Among the new addition to the usually gardens and nature, there is the Taman Serasi Food Garden. It is a food court (air conditioned) serving Singaporean fare. I was there about a week ago during lunch. Here are some shots of the food stalls what they have in there.

The other new addition is the Jacob Ballas Children Garden. This is dedicated to the young people. There are many programmes such as Discovering Pond Ecology, Treasure Garden Hunt, Forms and Functions of Flower parts. Rainforest Trek, and even workshops on creating miniature garden in a dish or in a bottle!

The Snapshots

Roast Meat Stall
Jalan Kayu Roti Prata Stall
Colourful Indian Rojak
Yong Tao Foo Stall
Food Court Stalls


s|lence said...

i'm here, 8:10pm .. alone a home starving and you let me see FOOD!! again..... roasted porkkkkkkkkkk!!

yum yum...

Ah Tox said...

Botanical Garden,,,,hehehehe.Been ages never go there liow.I think since i stop dating girls time.Cos i am not a health conscious and also i am not a natural lovers.So you see for me nothing to do leh....lol except dating nia....hahahaha.And also in Penang wan ,,,,not much happening...just more monkey nia last time.....hehehe
This comment by Tox ya and not by Joe Lim ...ya Hoon?:-)

Dragon said...

wah, never went b4. u want to take me go? hahaha.

Joze Foo said...

i dun like botanical garden in Penang , cos of monkeys...cos i got bad experience with those monkeys

David (AKK) said...

Oh my... Jalan Kayu's prata is the famous one... I went there before... i like the cheese prata & egg prata... nice lo ;)

Constance Chan said...

tox, ya i know lah. when you are talking about dating and more, should be tox.. hahaha

leng, sure u want to go ka.. not many days left for you liao.. want to visit all of sg better take lagi longer leave next time eh..yr tummy really need to empty lah. how to make u go when u keep telling me yr so full liao. not challenging like tat. tat day u also cannot finish the cheesecake adn cannot eat dinner, remember?

akk, there's another cheese prata famous one, at clementi road. near NUS. next to the famous Fong Seng Nasi Lemak.