DOPE (Death Or Prison Eventually)

Story Review
There is an interesting movie review I would like to write. A movie that has not only brought admirable views and applaud from all corners of the world, BUT one that deserves the upper hand for it's brilliant objective, purpose for a better world.

This movie, titled DOPE (Death or Prison Eventually), is none other than a story about 4 youths, who are legendary world champion skateboarders, Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi, the world champion Dennis Martinez and world skateboarding champion owner of Logan Earth Skis, Bruce Logan.

The story revolves around these 4 skateboarders who have carved a legendary career to the top as world champions and how they were brought down to the rugged path of drug, and crime in their time. See how they overcome the pain and misery in their drug addiction to bring about a triumph when they finally rebound into society.

Based on a true story by Dennis Martinez, watch how gripping the story unfolds, when they struggle for months in dark shadows in a prison and drug and treatment centre for men. Lots of action, music and real life drama. Part of this movie was shot in a prison.

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Who is behind the movie?
This AntiDrug documentary-movie was made possible by the good Samaritans of Dennis Martinez himself, with full support and financial backup under non-profit organization, Boatangel Carangel.

Boatangel’s heroic move
Boatangel produces movies using the donations it receives by the donate boat drive that you can find out here (www.charityboatsales.org/) It then sells them on ebay. You can browse and see the many boats available selling at halved the appraised value or less. Well if I have a boat that I'd not be using, instead of leaving it to rot, I'd donate my boat here so that the money that is raised can be used widely to reach out for a purpose. With the money raised, it made possible in the distribution of these free of charge movies and animations to reach out to the society, for a good purpose.

Boatangel also distributes absolutely FREE OF CHARGE (and free shipping) on Children's Animation DVDS. Ordering is FREE at www.carangel.com/projects.html. Clips and info for DOPE are available at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=carangel


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