I signed up for PPP

The Moment has Arrived
Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Pay Per Post! I was encouraged by Dragon to blog for money. Hesitant, I was at the initial stage. However, after much prompting, I finally did. I registered with Pay Per Post last month. And it was today that my blog has been approved. Yayyy!

Money is the Objective
Why did I do that. What else, for money, of course. As a stay-home mum, I’m burning lots of energy at my pc. I spend my days mostly writing my blog, updating stuff about my kids, my life and current events. The internet is an enormous world out there. There’s so much information and so much to learn. It’s all at your fingertips. The internet is interactive, that’s the best part. Videos, demos, audio and more entertainment.

What I get to do
So signing up for PPP is a good option for me. Reviewing products, and writing about them. I get to learn about new things everyday too. When you aren’t working in the real world, you get the feeling that you become redundant. But in the internet world, there is no such thing. That is because you get updated, every millisecond of the day. I’m not living like a hermit, I am in the real world, but in the comfort from my own home. And best thing is, when you review a product, you get paid.

Money Makes Money
So what am I going to do when I get my money. Well it will help me work towards a new objective. I shall get a new laptop of my own. My kids are pestering me every minute to use the computer. They want to go to Nick Jr,com, Barney. com, High School Musical, Polly Pocket, Disney Princess, everything. They are hooked on internet games. They are on the bargaining end, *sigh*

So, bloggers out there. Don’t hesitate any longer. If you have time to blog, you can make money this way. It’s really easy. I’ve done it. Now it’s your turn. Sign up with PPP. Read the word of mouth ethics too.

Tonight, I shall sleep with a smile on my face. *grin*