East of Singapore

A quiet Joo Chiat on Christmas Day

We travelled to the quaint side of East Singapore yesterday on Christmas Day. We were heading towards Joo Chiat area because Ah Boy was missing his Bak Kut Teh. There were few that was popular in Marine Parade but he decided to go to Joo Chiat. It was a quiet day, maybe because everyone had gone to Orchard for more Merry Making or they probably be attending Church or visiting friends and families.

Proud of the heritage of the Peranakan Blood

If you have never been to the east you will be in for a surprise. That is because Singapore is not all of concrete jungle as most people would think. The east side is similar to Penang and Malacca. It is likely to be the influenced of the Peranakan (Baba & Nyonya) heritage and descendants that usually live in this part of Singapore. In fact traveling to the east reminds me of home in Penang alot. The shophouses and the designs of its tiles and also plenty of food as well. Savour anything from the popular Bak Kut Teh, Kuehs, Otak (Singapore), to Nyonya Dumpling (Bak Chang) and Durian desserts and puffs.

Back in time with old stalls like these

Katong Laksa, famous in east of Singapore

When you are there, you might like to walk along the Katong eateries and shophouses.. You will be able to find the ever popular Katong Laksa which have not just one stall but numerous stalls which duplicate in the last decade. I do like the Katong Laksa, though. This is similar to the Thai Lemak Laksa. Very Lemak, with cockles, fish cakes, prawns and the laksa noodles. It is served with just a spoon. No chopsticks.


Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

I reli lyk the trishaw decoration, veri smart of them to do that....

Sue said...

I don't like the laksa...haha

Tau Sar Phneah said...

hmmm..siam laksa??

David (AKK) said...

I like going there also beacuse there's the only places (Joo Chiat & Katong) which got much Penang feel in Singapore.

I dun like their SG Laksa... got "Harm" in it eh...

Nicholas Chan said...

joo chiat is near geylang there? i went there b4!

Constance Chan said...

kopi soh.. next time if penang trishaws lao kok kok liao ask them to reserve one for us. we use as pghk prop.. serve kopi like wedding. the lao jiao drink kopi while new members serve...hahaha

laksa, of course u wont like lah, u are the authentic penang laksa! sure fight one.

tsp, u like bo?

akk, u dont like sea hum ka.. i will eat the small ones not the large eeky ones. i get rashes if eat too much.. i like katong area alot. but its so far since i live in west.. only go there occasional nia.

nicholas ti ti, geylang is east but not so near katong... in between still have kembangan, bedok, if not wrong. how come you know so much about Geylang har? hahaha