The Electric Company / countdown to 2008

In the 70's I grew up with this Children's show, The Electric Company. I was surfing the internet when I found that I can get the videos of this show on YouTube! I was so glad! I guess this show influenced me alot when it comes to reading pleasure. I love the opening as well, when they shouted Hey You Guys!!! This show is very retro and I think it's really cool at that time, compared with Sesame Streets or even other kid's shows.

How many of you ever saw this before growing up in the 70's? They had about 6 seasons of this show in all.

This cool method was how I learnt how to read.. not like the way the kindy teachers teach nowaday. Now the Letterland concept is more common, though.


Kopi Soh said...

You ever seen Big Blue Marble, i love dat show!! Eh char bor, now u get me all sexcited abt skype, how we chat?? Like as in writing chat or khong ua chat? Sori ya me lau liao lidat very low tech wan. Ae heow type oredi hua hee nah kah tiok Toto liao :D