Affairs and Cultures

I received this image from a friend's email recently. What a peculiar pic. This is something that probably speaks of a two timed affair or infidelity. Wonder if this pic was doctored or posed for a purpose? Or is this from any movie? My friend described this as affair porn. The context 'porn' comes in many ways so perhaps it is just a tongue in cheek.

Here is another funny signage that I received from another friend by email too. I thought it was funny but there is so much truth in the icons and how the different culture speaks and thinks. That is why sometimes doing business abroad also requires us to know and learn from the culture before determining contracts. It is also good if all can meet halfway and understand each other's traditions, habits and culture.

Western Versus Eastern culture/habits

Moods and Weather

B: The logic is, rain is pain.
The more the rain, more prosperity .


B: Before drove cars, now cycling for environmental protection.
Before no money and rode a bike, now got money and drive a car .

3 Meals A Day

B: Good meal for once a day is sufficient
At least 3 good meals a day.


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Tammy said...

The first picture has to be staged, maybe from a movie??? Have a great weekend. :o)

Kopi Soh said...

Affairs and culture, I actually saw this movie, it's Japanese show, this woman is in an abusive relationship, her husband the one hugging her was violent, then she met this young guy whom she kinda hung out with and developed a friendship and of course fell in love.

Kopi Soh said...

Now that i think about it cud be Korean, kenot remember liao.

Constance Chan said...

tammy - guess from what kopi soh commented, it was a show.. but I have not idea too.

kopisoh - long time haven't see yr name on me blog er.. miss yr comments.. tks for kambing back ya. me never watch korean show one..