Love Stories and Other Story Books

I was learning to appreciate mom's quirky home when I paid a holiday visit last week. Going upstairs, I saw our familiar little book cabinet that my sis and I had shared since schooldays. We used to take 2 shelvings each and we filled it up with our school books and our own belongings in there. Now that we have moved away, mum keeps some old stuffs like our soft toys and old story books in there.

I remembered when my sis and I used to read lots and lots of Mills and Boons in our teenage years! We started with Barbara Cartland love stories but some of those stories were more traditional and proper compared to M&B which was more lighthearted and short. Even I remembered my mom picked up some of the Barbara Cartlands to read too. I also had many Enid Blyton story books and I was surprised they were still there. Some of my Beano and Dandy collection were in the pile although I remember giving alot of them away to some young cousins and friends. Same with my Archie collection. Sis told me last week that she threw out her collection of M&B when she cleared her kitchen for renovation. So I took a picture of whatever we still have at home for keepsake.


Nick Phillips said...

I loved reading Enid Blyton books in my youth but unfortunately I never kept any of them which I regret ...

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Constance!
Your post brought back memories for me as well..Those high school days when I'd read Sweet Valley High! and Sweet Dreams! I remember swapping books with my class mates, and my sister and I collected books as well.
I love Archie!! I recently bought Archie again, and realised I still enjoy it. Hehe!

PS. I'll do your tag on my other site www.gorgeoustraveller.com :) Thanks!

Constance Chan said...

nick: yes enid blyton were among my favourites.. used to love The enchanted forest and all the nancy drew and hardy boys too. i tried to get my kids interested now but still taking time.. they are spoilt by the variety now.. with all the Disney stories available.

marie: oh yes i did read some Sweet Valley High but that came after the M&B trend.. that shows how much older i am? cos most of it were teenage puppy love. hahaha

yes TGIF too...

K3ViN said...

wah really alot of ursweet memory recall... i sure u were very happy 2 found all of ur thing right?