Which Tau Sar Phneah is the BEST?

Before I made the trip back to Singapore, my mum made sure I could take home with me some of the Penang delectables I have been missing. One thing that I took with me was of course the Penang Tau Sar Phneah that I have been longing for before making the trip home.

In the recent years, I realised that many shops that produced the Tau Sar Phneah is no longer the same as before. Most of the popular ones like Ghee Hiang and the Him Hiang doesn't taste as good as before. Perhaps their popularity and change of hands had them losing some important ingredients and probably like what some would say to cut corners and maximise profits. Ghee Hiang used to be the ultimate but few years back they did not live up to their expectations. Even Him Hiang that was somewhere in CY Choy area and relocated in Burmah Road later on tasted dry and wasn't any good. If I would get their Tau Sar Phneah, I'd might as well just buy from any Tom, Dick and Harry shop in Singapore which would have tasted even better.

However, there is one consolation of which I am still able to get good quality Tau Sar Phneah that is moist, contains lard (how can an original Tau Sar Phneah be without lard) and is fresh from daily bakes. It is none other than Soon Hiang, at Kuantan Road. This is the BEST that I've tasted among so many I've tried for many years, for now. There is none other that can compare in terms of taste and quality, now that Ghee Hiang and Him Heang seemed not keen to save themselves. In fact out of 10 Penangite friends I know, 9 would give a thumbsdown. And the remaining 1, would just buy it for convenience sake.


Joze Foo said...

for me i like dragon ball TSP.. they have it with and without the lard. of the one with the lard taste much better

stay-at-home mum said...

Looks like they all get complacent once they get famous. I used to enjoy the Ghee Hiang ones, but havent had them for ages!!

jepunlauee said...

wow,I first time hear about Soon Hiang..will check it out next in penang..
Hey the shop's name is also Soon Hiang in Kuantan Road ah???

Constance Chan said...

ya the shop is Soon Hiang.. but u have to order in advance one. they don't have much for purchase unless you order.

i order about 2 days before collection. if order get two person to order in case they only allow limited orders per person

K3ViN said...

Soon Hiang? like hear b4 keke.... My uncle who live penang normally will buy Kim Hiang when he come back 2 klang 4 medical check up...... I eat until i scare lioa :P So TSP i just ok ok nia lor