Callback Box on Websites

There are many online business that offers retail, services and more. When the readers or customers need more information, they click and navigate on the online site and search for required information for answers. Sometimes they may have more questions or information and would like to be contacted personally than wait for email quotations. Many of these are potential customers for business. These people wastes no time in communication.

I know many online business owners who often work away from offices and travel from place to place. They are not present in the office waiting for customers' requests. The need to check online for email enquiries can be cumbersome. These business owners also would prefer to be out sourcing for goods or other products. Some of them do not station telemarketing service agents to cut down on overhead costs. So how can one not miss out a call by customers?

A solution is using a product called ProCallback by Mercia Networks. This is a very simple application whereby you add a callback box to your website. When the person keys in their phone number, the callback box will alert you by sending you an sms and the number of that person. That way, you will be able to get back to the caller on time, and not miss any potential business sale or enquiries. I think this is a must have for companies with limited staff resource to handle calls.