Stop Identity Theft with Shop Shield®

Shopping Online
Shopping online usually requires us to pay in the form of credit cards most of the time. Credit card and personal information need to be keyed in for payment. But do you worry about the security of shopping online? I do, and I always monitor my card closely and check my statements to make sure there is no fraud purchase. I know of friends who have their credit card or other personal details 'stolen' and being used for purchases she didn't even get. Worst still some are information used for loans! Even without having to worry about credit card information, most of us worry about having our passwords and log in identities being stolen too.

Perhaps it is time to put a stop on all these insecurity. You can always install a firewall/anti virus program and even the spyware protection softwares on your pc. But you will still always worry about new spywares all the time. You will always have to update your spyware programs daily to make sure. That is the same as looking behind you are not being followed daily.

How Do We Stop Online Identity Theft
Stop all that insecurity by trying out Shop Shield® New Identity & Fraud Protection. How does it work, you may ask. If a person hacks into your PC, he would try to retrieve your information (personal information, passwords, log in identity and credit card details) from your database.

What Shop Shield® Does
With Shop Shield®, when you shop online, your data is being converted into temporary anonymous information. This information is meaningless to the hacker. There is no personal information data in your database and the temporary information is deemed useless to anyone who has access to it! It is because your information is broken into undecipherable fragments and if ever your personal information is compromised, Shop Shield® promises to reimburse you with every cent of loss up to $10,000 and and beyond the coverage your credit card company or bank provides. It is a Bold Guarantee that Shop Shield® has dared to make and even provide the most personalized victim resolution services at no charge too.


Shop Shield® is in the beta stage, is FREE and is open to public. There is no financial commitment to using it either. It has been successfully pilot tested and is ready and recommended for public use. Visit Shop Shield® and Learn More on how we all can do to stop identity theft now.

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