Any More Good Hainanese Food in Penang?

Penang used to have it's good chefs that were Hainanese. Not that they cooked Hainanese food only, their Western meals were absolutely delicious. They have always been very good chefs, no doubt and many of them are men, and the husbands in most Hainanese cooks and sews too. My aunt and her husband is a very good example. He can cook a mean curry as well as sew clothes better than my aunt.

When I was younger, we used to patronized Loke Thye Kee (not sure if these are the actual spellings) for dinner meals and gatherings like birthdays. It was the place to go and we'd be sitting on the roof top part that is open ala Al-fresco. Life was much simpler then and it was very nice to sit and dine. The popular dishes were usually the Chap Chye of course. I loved the way the carved their carrots into patterns. There was pride in every dish they served.

I missed most were Hainanese Chicken Chops. I remembered the Old Frees Association had good Hainanese food but I'm not so sure what happens now, if the Cafe is still there.


jepunlauee said...

Loke Thye Kee is that corner resturant right? If I am not mistaken..I like that restuarant ,just sit there makan n also can enjoy the view of busy penang road and burmah road..
So pity that it is closed now...

Constance Chan said...

yes yes jle, that is the correct one. i miss the food there. my uncle used to go there to buy their soup back when he doesn't cook dinner. he usually gets more than usual helping cos he's such a regular and also they are 'related' based on dialect.