Chewing Gum, Nostalgic Memories

Whilst in Singapore, one can't find any chewing gum. Well I am at peace with that, because I really dislike the sticky stuff when some irresponsible fella just smear it on the floor or in public places that is more of a nuisance to others. Banning chewing gum is not really much of an issue even though many countries have commented as if it is really an intolerable regulation not to have chewing gum sold in Singapore. I really enjoy a clean city free of gums so I think it's fair enough. There are good things and there are bad things we can adapt, banning chewing gum is something I got used to and not really mind.

One misconception that people don't know is that one is not allowed to consume gum in Singapore. As far as I know, we are allowed, just that it is not sold her to discourange gum smearing on the mrt since the sensitive doors will hinder it from closing. That is part of an inefficiency that Singapore can't tolerate. And irresponsible gum chewers, of course. If you have chewing gum for personal consumption, you can always declare it at the customs checkpoint since you will be held responsible for your own eating habits.

When we were back in Malaysia, Rae had good fun trying out gum and we made sure she spit it back on the silver wrapper to dispose it. I saw the old fashioned gum that I used to enjoy, the type whereby you can find 'tatoo' prints on the inside part of a wrapper. I bought a pack of that for 50 cents but was disappointed that they no longer had those tattoo motifs. sigh.. Ah Boy got his usual Wrigleys and some Sour Plums in case he felt sleepy in the late morning drive back.


Yan said...

Funny, we don't take chewing gum here often. But whenever we have a trip to Singapore, my son Chris would buy one bar at the Malaysian airport, and said, there is no chewing gum in Singapore.

Do not know what psychology.

I remember a very high power woman from Singapore who is a friend also walked into a store here and had herself a hearty bag of chewing gum !

Kikey said...

my girls that i taking care like gum a lot!!

K3ViN said...

wah tat really memory recall abt the 'tatoo' gam...... i used 2 buy it n play with tat 'tatoo'.... :P