Modern Office Furniture

My friend will be moving out of her home office soon. She has been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer from home for the past year as rentals for office space has been very expensive. However, she has found a nice little cosy walk up apartment and will be setting it up as an office. To improve the look of a working environment I will help her hunt for nice and simple OFFICE FURNITURE to complete the look. She wants to convert one of the rooms into a little meeting room for potential clients for discussion. Besides looking for meeting tables and chairs, I found this simple yet trendy single sofas which she might like for her library corner.


Tammy said...

Stopping by to say "Hi!" and see what's new. A lot of people are having blog problems today due too SS and PPP claim codes in their blogs and them being down. You're loaded up quickly for me though. Take care, Tammy

Constance Chan said...

thanks tammy, you're the best.