Korean Fast Food Joint

We had the chance to try out the new fast food outlet BBQ Chicken in the East recently. The food outlet touts as being a popular family restaurant in Korea, so we gave it a try. And what is different about this restaurant is that they use Olive Oil in them.

My girls love the colourful theme and bright coloured seats they have in the restaurant, the Pink, Orange, and even Booth Seats that seemed more exciting than some fast food restaurants available. But looking at the material, which is synthetic leather, i have a feeling that there will be a lot of them worn out by the next few months! Some of the seams were already showing.

We ordered few meals, like the only Beef item that were available. Oh dear, was it called Beef Patty or something? The dish reminded me of Pepper Lunch (Japan Beef Burger Patty on hot plate). It tasted just alright with nothing to shout about.

I had ordered a sort of Fried Chicken that had coated with Chilly all over. It was more spicy than normal chilly and tasted alright too. But it made me think of KFC drumstick smothered in the Thai Chilly Sauce.. I had forgotten to snap a picture of it because I was busy taking the kid's meals! As usual, my kids had the liberty of ordering their own meals.

Overall, the meal felt very much like KFC except that it had better environment. And if it really was all cooked in Olive Oil, I think that is a good choice, compared with other fast food restaurants. Our meals all came with a soft drink and adult meals came with a soup and ice cream too. Pretty reasonable.


stay-at-home mum said...

Where is this place??

Constance Chan said...

SAHM - this is at Ehub, the new wing at Downtown East, Pasir Ris

Rozella said...

The food doesn't look too Korean. Hmm.. I guess fast food joints all from every part of the world is sorta the same. I love authentic Korean food tho. It's amazing!

Nessa said...

Hi Constance :)

I don't think we have BBQ Chicken in KL, haven't seen one yet. Food looks yummy. Food pic #1 tempts me...

Constance said...

rozella - yes.. seems like fast food joints don't carry much traditional influence in them nowadays.

nessa - thanks for dropping by. if you like beef, that one is not too bad.. but something like a beef patty too..