Nostalgic Memories Triggered by Dick Lee's Song

Life Story -- Dick Lee

"Wake up" she said, "Look it's a beautiful day."
Downstairs to the kitchen door, and then away
Into the light, morning moves the world on
Morning passes the time, and morning is gone
Born today some years ago, and had a happy childhood
Then I fell in love and out, so nothing's changed
Lived a life that saw me grow, into someone, I hope, is good
And yet without a doubt, I'm still the same

*Just my Life Story, minute by second, a story
That goes on forever, with each breath that I take
This is my Life Story, celebrating my story
Are smiles and tears and friends and birthday cakes

"Get up" she said, "Hurry or you might be late"
Everyday we hurry off to keep our dates
Time rushes by, there's no time to ask why
Still, we work to beat the clock, to never stop for goodbyes
Maybe I should stop awhile, to see the world around me
Discover how some things move on
And some things never change
Ever since I was a child, I've felt that life is funny
It will twist and turn from dusk to dawn, yet stay the same

So my Life Story, is self-explanatory
Won't you please start from page one, and do go on
Till I am done, till I am done, till I am done

The lyrics above were written by a talented Singapore composer/singer Dick Lee. He has written and staged musicals for many Asian artistes like the Snow Wolf Lake (Jacky Cheung), Sandy Lam, and even composed songs for stage musical Phua Chu Kang. He has won many awards such as Best Original Theme Song in Golden Horse Awards for his song, The Search of My Life (Movie: He is a Woman, She is a Man starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Yuen). Not many may know that he is the composer behind all the winning songs they have heard all along.

In the 90's this song Life Story from his first Album (1974) above was used in a Television commercial and become a song that struck a chord about nostalgic childhood. Even as I was listening to this song it certainly brings back sweet memories of my childhood and prompted me to post this meaningful lyrics.

Meantime, enjoy the music (background) and have a great week!


Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :o)

Ling That's Me said...

is this song used by a Prudential advertisement ?

Constance Chan said...

you're welcome, Tammy!

oh dear, Ling, I think so.. it's been so long my memory also failed me.. i remember it was a black and white ad with a boy and scene dressed to the 60s style. very nice, actually. always make me weep when i think of the oldies and goldies.

Farah Deen said...

Hi Constance,
really appreciated your comment in my blog and thanks for dropping by.

wow- I understand what you meant by songs and memories. Some old songs and lyrics would remind us of things we never really believed we could remember!

Eddie Wong said...

I love his song so much....hoon can u manage get this song under mp3 and email to me? my email address :eddiewsf@gmail.com

thanks ya

Zooropa said...

Yeah Dick Lee is a talented composer indeed. I love some of his songs too!


liza said...

hi sistah! i hope you're having a great weekend. thanks for stopping by ;)

Constance Chan said...

Farah, yes those old songs stir up lots for me... i'd put on my dad and mum's fave songs from the past too.

Eddie, hey HNK, i sent you a private message on msn. Hope the info helped.

Dora, if you like Dick Lee's music, you probably liked his musical, Beauty World Cha Cha Cha!

Liza, yes, thanks for the wishes. hope your weekend is wonderful too. *smiles*

Krist said...


Like this song a lot. It was used on prudential commercial many years back. Is this version the same version as the one on the commercial? At least I remember it was sung by Dick Lee. So, are you able to email me the original version if it differ and the version by Jessica Soo?

Email me @ ashywood81@hotmail.com


Constance Chan said...

hi krist, thanks for popping by. will try to look for dick lee's version. i remember i heard it once but my memory is failing.. in my mind i think jessica sang the one in the commercial.. but i could be wrong.

Krist said...

Hi Constance,

I thought I posted a reply to you but apparently now. I will like to have the Jessica's version. Are you able to send to my email?


gary said...

Hey Constance,
That advertisement and song just popped up in my mind today and I googled the parts of the lyrics that I remembered and ended up here. Thanks so much for sharing the lyrics!

The song brings back memories of my childhood. I was just entering primary school when I first watched the Prudential ad.
Like you've mentioned, it was about a boy growing up. Years later, he visited his kampung as a young man and picked up a feather on the ground which reminded him of his 'chapteh' which he played with as a boy.
Can someone please send me the song? My email is garychia[at]live.jp

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