Surreal Fantasy Illusionist, CRISS ANGEL will Perform with Cirque Du Soleil

Magicians were born to entertain and bring the viewers to a certain point of illusion between real and the unreal. Harry Houdini was one of the greatest entertainer illusionists that loved to perform to challenge himself and the audience stunts like breaking free from a crate that had been nailed and then being lowered and immersed into the water. Stunts like that were very popular and build suspense within the audience. Most of his stunts were physically challenging.

The modern illusionists or entertainer have evolved into mystery and magic in the late. CRISS ANGEL is an illusionist that takes the audience to a different form of magic, provocative suspense with plots, a storyline and a composition. If you have watched Cirque de Soleil, you will be amazed by the music, dance, mystery, symbolic, brilliant colours and everything there is about performance and theatricality. Now, pair that excellent showmanship with magical master, CRISS ANGEL.

CRISS ANGEL is going to perform in one of Cirque Du Soleil's show called CRISS ANGEL Believe. It will be such a haunting exploration of the performance, illusion set in a mysterious and surreal world. The show will be at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Not to be missed.

If you think that you would like to watch this wonderful piece of magical performance with someone special, you might want to try winning a pair of tickets of the show. There is a text messaging contest that requires you to text 'BELIEVE' to 22122 to participate.

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