Hot Summer Nights? Global Warming lah.

I love the movie Grease, the first one. The sequel was good but not as good as John Travolta's. And I enjoy Olivia's beautiful vocals. The movie was screened in late 70's and it was a favourite of mine. I remembered trying to learn the lyrics then.

Did you know that in those days, we would play songs in cassette tapes and stop/play/stop/play just to write down the lyrics? We didn't have internet access of course and no one knew the lyrics so that was what we did. Of course that stressed out the tape and pretty soon we have tapes that are loosen in the the cassettes and we have to manually wind them when they get caught in the recorder.

Everyone wanted to dress like John Travolta and combing their hair back and looking cool. The girls all had larged permed hair too. Those were the times. During those era, we were not concern about global issues as much and lesser plastic bags were used. No computers, less air conditioning because we seemed to be able to take to the heat better. Peculiar? Nope, like they say it is because of Global Warming that is making our planet warmer than ever.

Support Global Warming? How about Al Gore and Grease. I found this YouTube while searching for some videos. I'm a supporter for Green Living and Grease, of course.. But this one about Al Gore, is just sooo funny! It may lag abit. Mine did, but it's worth the wait because it's very Edu-taining... Enjoy everyone!


Tammy said...

That was hilarious!!! LOL

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! That was rib tickling.

And you're right, The original Grease is the best. I was practically head over heels in love with Olivia Newton John! But then again, which boy wasn't? LOL!