Visit to the Hair Saloon

I enjoy going to hair saloons for a wash every now and then. Nothing beats getting a nice wash while you sit and relax. Penang saloons offer you a good massage usually with every hair wash. The ones in Singapore does that but somehow Penangites give better service and it is definitely much cheaper than what I pay in Sg. I treated myself for washes while in Penang, as usual. That was the second one I had in the week... lol besides the one I had before the trip. After all, I don't go shopping as much, I save it up for washes and blow dry VIP.

I brought Lea for a trim after mom commented that I should be keep Lea's hair shorter. My girls have long hair that goes down to their butts and I bring them to the saloon for trims as well. Here are the pics while Lea was having hers. Rae didn't want to follow that day because she wanted to stay at Granny's home and play. So here are the shots of Lea and her trim.

Pic: Lea feeling for her sweets during finishing touches.


Shemah said...

OMG!! She is soooo adorable! I love that haircut on her! Beautiful!! :)

Constance Chan said...

shemah ~ hahaha.. tks for the compliments. she has very thick hair, actually.