Busta Rhymes

Yo, parental discretion advised, please cover your eyes
Little kids -- GET OUT OF HERE!!! This shits is homicide!
Drugs and money, this ain't no Bugs Bunny!
Little girls too; this ain't for you it's for the thugs honey!

The above paragraphy was taken from a part a song "Parental Discretion" in the Busta Rhymes Lyrics online. It speaks great lengths about a kid who was forced to grow up under a neighbourhood of discrimination and tough environment.

These lyrics came in strong, bold and loud, mentally. Born as Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr in 1972, he is better known as Busta Rhymes who is an American hip hop musician. A follower of the Nation of Islam, this musician-actor's debut solo album - The Coming was a nice mix of Reggae and Hip Hop. It went Platinum with much commercial and critical success. Not only sold well in the US, his albums were huge success in the United Kingdom too. If you're a Busta Rhyme die hard fan, you might be interested to read more about the Busta Rhymes Biography online.