We Are Going To Ehub in Downtown East

School Holidays are still on in Singapore. We wanted to book a night for a barbeque and stay at the Pasir Ris chalet but the chalets are all fully booked! So Ah Boy and I decided we take a day trip there instead. Downtown East at Pasir Ris is a nice place for kids and adults. Of course if you can get a room for barbeque would be perfect. There are lots to do.

Water Theme Park - Wild Wild Wet,
Outdoor Theme Park - Escape Theme Park,
eXplorer Kid - where the kids can play indoor
Bowling Alley, Cinema, Kbox karaoke, lots of shopping and food outlets too.

The new wing called Ehub has been opened since the school holidays so i believe there will be lots to do in there. I can't wait to see what they have.


JO-N said...

Looks very happening, eh? Tell us more.

K3ViN said...

wah look very nice lor :P

Kikey said...

wah... it look so fun leh... :)