Ehub - eXplorer kid

It was Father's Day yesterday and Ah Boy brought the family to Ehub in Pasir Ris. Ehub is the new wing for Downtown East where the chalets, water theme park and outdoor theme park are. With Ehub, they expanded the eXplorer Kid to the new wing and added more segmented areas for indoor play for kids up to 12 as well as additional area for parents or guardians to wait inside whilst monitoring the kids play.

Ah Boy and I did not bother to get inside the eXplorer Kid so we only paid for our helper to go in with the kids. But from the flyer we saw, there are many things to play and do in there.

Above is the map where I took from the flyer. My eye zoomed in on the slumberland... where I probably will relax myself there cos the crew said tat is the place where the OSIM chairs are. And a place for parents to get forty winks. There is even a skating rink inside. My girls want to go into the Ball'O'City but there were too many rowdy boys so i told my helper that i forbid them. They were free to play in all the other areas which made up of over 10 segments. Oh by the way, this place needs entrance fee so we paid up for membership one time that will last time till they are 12 years old. NTUC adults get free entry. Remember to wear socks or purchase from the counter.

For those who have been to MidValley Kids' Mega Play, will love it here. This one is huge!! I could only take a shot of this part with the Giant Mushroom and the Mega Play behind cos I didn't purchase a ticket to get in.

Per hour play is $22 per hour, subsequent hours at $6 . Members pay $11 first hour and $4 subsequent hours. NTUC members monitoring free entry. Non Member $1.50 per entry. Charges are for peak. Off peak charges are reduced by $2.00 on weekdays, non school holidays, non eve of PH.


brian koh said...

Hi Constance,

I'm Brian from Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore and have been following your blog for some time.

There's a blogger event that I'd like to invite you and your family for, and it's happening on Wednesday Night (18 Jun 2008) at The Screening Room.

If you'd like more details, please email me at brian.koh@ogilvy.com

Sue said...

Looks fun..You can take me when I come...hahaha

K3ViN said...

wah it look very fun lor..... anyway Happy Belated Father 2 ur ah boy :P

Shemah said...

Ooohhhh.. that looks like kiddie heaven!! My son would enjoy going there sooo much!! He could spend all his excess "sugar" energy there without giving me a headache. At least there's an OSIM to relax me! I really have to bring him to this placE!!

Constance Chan said...

Sue, of course, Ian can run and have fun climbing here and there

Taugeh, ya u also can try too.. lol

Shemah, yes yes kids will absolutely love this place! thanks for visiting too.