I only remembered this post because a friend asked me if I'd like to go and light some candle with her recently on Friday, being Friday the 13th. I've been doing this for many years while in school actually because I mingle with many friends who are Catholics.

When I was in Subang at Sis's place, we managed to drop by Sunway Pyramid for some late shopping and dinner. We couldn't decide where to have dinner and we were all aching from the day's walk earlier at Mid Valley. So the first sight of the restaurant that we saw was TGIF restaurant in one of the towers. The last time I had TGIF meal in Singapore was more than 15 years ago! That was a long time and there is no more TGIF outlets in Sg now. I even miss Chilli's and Planet Hollywood for American fare. I suppose the only one left standing would be Hard Rock Cafe for the record. But at least I've still got my Tony Roma in Singapore.. phew!

So here are the what we ordered while in TGIF. I had Salmon, Ah Boy had his medium rare steak, Kids had their Kids Meal of Fish and Chips, and Spaghetti. We ordered an extra Fish and Chips for Sofiya too. The girls loved the thick mushroom soup of course. When it was time to pay the bill, we had a pleasant surprise that our kids' meal were free! Anyways, we had a wonderful time and the service crew were friendly and attentive.


Shemah said...

Ooohhh.. I love Salmon!! I haven't tried the Salmon at TGIFs yet. It looks pretty scrumptious, though.. :)