Strollers Than Turn Heads

It is every mom's dream to be able to have a baby and look chic at the same time. Going out baby can be quite a daunting task especially when one has baby in arms, baby bag as well as a bulky stroller in the other arm. If you have seen Mutsy's range of strollers, you would very much agree that their strollers have always been the admiration of many mothers and passersby alike. Recently, Mutsy had also released two new strollers into their range, that will be the envy of many parents.

Check out the Mutsy Slider - a lightweight cool looking stroller that is compact, low weight and allows mummy to face baby facing in or watch the world. The upper part of this stroller, when detached folds into a very small frame and the best thing about it is, it is very easy to handle! The seat can also be positioned into 3 positions.

If you are looking for one for a very young infant, the new Mutsy 4 Rider "NEXT" Cargo Range is also a very trendy looking transportation for baby. It has a bassinet, cover, mattress pad and a compartment to store your baby's things conveniently. For more information, colour and price, you may check out the range at Barebabies.com

For the trendy mum's Mutsy's strollers never failed to turn heads. Mutsy's strollers are very convenient and comes equipped with bassinets and seats and allows flexibility in transportation with it's unique modular construction systems. Test drive a Mutsy at your nearest store. Or take advantage of a 10% off from Barebabies.com with discount code - mutsy10off.
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