All Time Chocolatey High

I took a snapshot of this 3D signage as we were driving around in Penang. This one was taken in Bagan Jermal area and is a place selling Chocolates. I didn't go in there since we didn't have much time and were making our way home. It reads Cocoa Boutique. I wonder if tourists or tourist buses stop by this place for chocolate purchase?

Chocolates are yummy. My favourite brands come from mostly Switzerland such as Lindt. I do not really care for Milk Chocolates but I just simply love Dark Chocolates that has a higher percentage of Cocoa in them. And I must have nuts in them too. I also love the Toblerone Dark Chocolate. I bought quite a few bars recently because they were on offer! The Japan Meiji Dark Chocolate is also quite yummy.. It comes in a very thin bar and costs only about $1.50 only. But there isn't anymore at home so I will replenish my stock when I go shopping on Monday.

Do you have cravings of chocolate? I get that often and sometimes I keep a bar of these yummy snacks in my bag.. but with all that driving in hot sun, my chocolate goes out of shape because it probably melted in the hot sunny weather. I just can't live without chocolates!


Hazel said...

ya, i love chocolate too.but i haven't been to that place u recommended.:(

allaboutattitude said...

argh you are tempting me for chocalate in the middle of the night

Tammy said...


Constance Chan said...

hazel - I only pass by that boutique.. I also didn't set foot in there...maybe next visit.

allaboutattitude - tks for yr visit.. hope to tempt you more yummy things..lol

tammy - yes yes chocolates are a wonder.. yummy.

Michael Wong said...

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Joze Foo said...

i love chocolates...especially milk chocolates

Constance Chan said...

thanks for the visit, michael. will pay you a visit soon.

joze.. hahaha you love chocolates ka.. next time i get some for you ya.

Liza said...

me too! it's one of my comfort foods. ;)

Shemah said...

Chocolate is a sin.. it gives you so much pleasure but it's totally bad for you! LOL! My hips can grow an inch on each side the moment I consume it! hahaha..