Mark Lee Co-Owns Old Town, Singapore

Old Town White Coffee is doing very well in Malaysia. The coffee chain with 87 branches of Old Town Cafe in Malaysia specializes in its white coffee from the town of Ipoh is very fragrant.

When the movie Ah Long Pte Ltd was released in February, many Singaporeans had been paying attention to this brand of coffee brand that is one of Malaysian's famous place for lepak. In Penang, I saw a cafe branch among the year old New World Park food outlets at the Swatow Lane vicnity. In malls, they are everywhere you turn.

(picture) Old Town in East Coast Playground, East Singapore, Mark Lee in Ah Long Pte Ltd

When I was at the Playground last Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised that there is an outlet of Old Town Cafe over there. And to my surprise, this place is brought in by no other than Mark Lee, the popular comedian actor of Ah Long Pte Ltd. In the papers, it was written that he loved the aroma of these coffee and their signature dishes. Thus, he decided to bring this brand of food outlet into Singapore after positive feedback from a poll he had conducted with his friends and relatives. Among the other business partners is none other than my favourite director, Jack Neo.

I'm sure my Malaysian blogger friends who are fans of Jack Neo's movies and fans of Mark Lee would be happy to know that their homegrown coffee joint has reached Singapore.


Zooropa said...

Yeah despite the white office, hubby loves to eat their Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang. We hang out at Old Town quite often.


Constance Chan said...

oh dear.. dora, you really tempt me.. i think i wanna go there this weekend..

Joze Foo said...

i am not their coffee fans... I love the toast, the chocolate drink and the nasi lemak rendang

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I went der once, but quite some time liao...