Stem Cells Holds Promise


My Gynaecologist told me how the stem cells from cord blood during birth can help to cure a string of medical conditions. These conditions include Heart Disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. These stem cell discoveries hold the answer to the miracles we never knew possible.

As a mother, she has only those limited chances to store the cord blood in the few times she gives birth. How about the ones who are singles? Does that mean they are being left out of life's promises to fight to say alive should they never get to have a baby? My friend's Grandmother suffers from diabetes and heart disease. Just imagine a new life she would have received at the thought of being cured using these treatment. That would bring hope to millions of people around the world who would have thought of giving up.

All is not lost because in the further technology of science and research, had led to the discovery that these potentially life-saving stem cells are also found in the menstrual blood. These cells have the potential to be 100% match for the donor and also her first degree relatives too. Now all women of the world can take part in this exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology by C'elle. Read up on C'elle Client Testimonial and the limited 'Caring and Sharing' promotion whereby a purchase of the C'elle kit allows one to get another free. Give the promise of life, to your loved one or best friend. You may want to read more About the Science Showcase in their website, Celle.com.

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