Get Rid of Pollens and Allergens

I grew up with sensitive nose. It usually will trigger off when I'm near pollens or dogs and cats. But I can't avoid dogs at all. We had as many as 6 dogs at one time. I was an animal fan. In those days, we had nothing like air purifiers or air filters for home use. Those were gadgets that were expensive and only hospitals could afford.

In recent years, such products have been produced for our homes, office and small area usage. It is such a relief to me. My two little girls are also having sensitive noses. I installed air purifiers in our rooms and also use beddings that prevents and discourage the growth of Dust Mites. There is nothing I enjoy than a home free of pollen and allergens that makes me so sickly. I believe I found the best Allergy Solutions, finally.


Tammy said...

My daughter had a lot of allergies growing up.