Sci Fi Experience - The Leviathan Chronicles

Macallan Orsel, at aged 12 had been living with her grandmother after her parents disappeared during a marine archeology expedition. She has grown into a young genetic scientist. She also discovered that her family is descended from a group of immortals and learns about her extra ordinary DNA, astonishing as it may be, if activated is the answer to peace to civil war. She is also a deadly target for being a threat to the group of immortals if she manages to unlock the secret of genetic code.

The immortals are a group of genetically altered beings living among humans and takes control a significant amount of money in the world. Threatened by Macallan's potential of bringing immortals to an end, rebellious leader and tactical genius, Seishun uses his creativity and hides evidence that may lead the discovery of immortals among the humanity.


If you are a fan of Sci-Fi, you will love the Leviathan Chronicles. Intriguing, exciting and full of adventure. Best of all this is purely an aural sensation of the extra-ordinary. You don't need to read it, nor do you need to watch it. It is done with special sound effects in a podcast that is set to bring your level of imagination to an experience you've never had. Listen to it and you will be addicted. Close your eyes and imagine yourself within the immortals. Feel your heart beat faster and your adrenalin goes up. Our mind and listening sense gets enriched with such unbelievable imagination that goes as far as we allow it to be. Listen to it anytime, even while at work, traveling. No other Sci-Fi quite like this.

It is produced in episodes which you can download on to your pc and listen anytime, not missing an episode or just listening to it again and again.

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