Prevent Mozzies Breeding, Prevent Dengue

At the neighbourhood fair last Saturday, there was an educational booth that highlighted on the dangers of Dengue. In the recent 3 years, there had been an increased percentage of Dengue fever, which meant mosquitoes are now breeding more somewhere in the homes of residents and needed much action.

These strains of Dengue had also evolved into a different type and it seemed like those who were bitten by the affected mosquitoes are catching new strains of Dengue fever and not as immuned to as before. There were many new cases and National Environment Agency started to dispense many volunteers to check on housing and provide many educational leaflets, magnets, notebooks to educate the public of Aedes mosquitoes that may breed in as little as a 10 cents coin of stagnant water.

Fumigation is done in our estate on Fridays without fail. I play my part in preventing these Aedes from breeding by making sure all pails are turned and there are no possible catchments of waters in around the house, balconies and the plant pots as well.


Zooropa said...

We must keep our surrounding clean to avoid dengue especially we are in the tropical weather zone.


Piggy said...

Yeh, we all play our part to keep our surrounding clean :)

Tammy said...

That's a good idea.