Value For Money Eyeglasses Website

I need to make a new pair of prescription glasses. The last pair I had was done years ago and the little part that holds my nose is no where to be found. However, since I don't really wear them, I do not want to spend the world for that. I have the prescription and I do want something that looks good and cheap, of course. But no shop has gone any price closer than what I found online at zennioptical.com.

Zenni Optical sells all kinds of eyewear from prescriptive ones to shades and even goggles. Their prices are so low yet they have a good range of quality stylish frames, lenses, and even coated or UV protection features. Shipping is only $4.95 per order no matter how many pairs you ordered. How do they keep their prices so low? Well for one, they sell direct to customers without any middlemen or agent fees and they manufacture their own brand ZENNI. Can you believe that a pair of complete prescription eyeglass starts from as low as $8.00 only!