Lea Is Back To School Today

When Lea was sick last week, she stayed home as she was not allowed to be in school. Did you know what actually happened? She had HFMD! I was terribly worried for her because my elder had caught it before in school when she was in Kindy. So when Lea caught it, I was worried how she would take it.

Lea's red spots on her sole

Other than some spots on her hands and feet, she had fever which lasted for 2 days. During the fever it was not prominent, only when she was recovering on her third day, did the spots appear. She did complained of a little ulcer at the tip of her tongue of which I applied an oral gel for her. As all other HFMD cases, she had to be confined at home, no school until she gets a medical clearance. The doctor said there was nothing to worry as hers was a mild case but of course, how could any mom not be worried. Some cases were so serious that it became fatal.

She was away from school for about 10 days of which by then the doc had given the green light to return to school on day 9. But I kept her at home just one more day and also didn't let her attend her speech and drama class that was suppose to be in the afternoon. Her teachers and school all were in touch and I kept them updated about her condition. Even the clinic called up but of course for some information too as they had to submit these to the Ministry of Health to make sure these are isolated cases.

So what did Lea do while she was at home? Well, she ate a lot, cried a lot, threw a lot of tantrums. She had all the attention she wanted and she got it. She even got to playing on my new laptop cos Daddy let her when she couldn't sleep! And she danced and sing a lot because she didn't want to miss out on her school practise and sang Chan Mali Chan and some songs she was suppose to sing and dance for her school.

I guess I am so relieved at the end of this traumatic session. I was a little down the best part of the week but I chose to ignore it actually. But I'm better today.


Dragon said...

finally...... glad to know she is ok now.

Kikey Loo said...

good to know she is fine...
when kid get sick, it really scary..

Tammy said...

My daughter had that when she was about 4. I'm glad your she's feeling better now! :o)

Constance Chan said...

dragon, kikey! yes she is fine now.. thank goodness!

tammy - i guess it is kids just swipe anything like bacteria and germs home.. Lea is now 4.. and they are always apparent in kids this age! but she is fine now too. thanks!

Joze Foo said...

it's great that she is better now!

Constance Chan said...

joze - yes she is better, definitely..tks!

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really sooooooooooooo cute,,

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