Exotic Rare Cars

Everyone is talking about how expensive petrol has gone up. Yes, driving is now more expensive than what it used to be. Perhaps it is time to look into the type of cars for the future. High petrol costs will not be the solution. It is about trying to do away with that dependency. Electric and CNG are some alternatives. That will reduce the consumption of petrol. But there will still be those that still runs on petrol. Those who do not mind have a deeper pocket, of course. If you have a curious appetite for those who drive Super Cars, check out coolsupercars.com now. Drool over these gorgeous jaw dropping exotic models from a wide range of exclusive brand names.


allaboutattitude said...

Its a bad situation. Perhaps bikingmight be a good option. But its dangerous! Oh! We'll never know

Constance Chan said...

allaboutattitude - i agree about using bikes, actually. reduces pollutiona and keeps one fit. the only lacking are tracks for bikes, though. sg govt had been looking into adding bike tracks lately. i believe pedestrians aren't quite pleased with sharing walking tracks with them.