Get Certified In IT

Some of my friends work in the IT industry. When they were doing their courses in their teens, they talked about being analysts, programmers and some even wanted to build up an IT business empire, very much like Bill Gates.

When the internet boomed in the 90s, there were many jobs in the IT industry. Many had completed their studies and started working in IT firms and industry, trying to get a basic foothold of experience and develop into full fledge IT personnels and professionals. In big firms, there were many opportunities in the IT departments of course. In a country like Singapore, sometimes you will need the extra edge in order climb up the corporate ladder besides work experience. Retraining is a compulsory factor for an IT industry as the technology is always moving in the fast pace.

One of the important training programme for IT personnels is the Cisco certification. As the world moves towards lots of networking in voice, security and wireless, one could arm him or herself into a specialized Cisco Certification in that area. Other various Cisco Certification includes security certification such as CCNA in Security.

As the global IT industry demands for more qualified and certified personnels, Cisco Certification will become the new much sought after professionally certified requirement for that extra edge. Globally recognised, this qualification will boost one's career in the IT path and lead to more possibilities in goals, positive career advancement and enhancement.

I am sure that for one who has very entry level knowledge in IT, picking up a certification like these will not only enhance a new career move for me but also enlighten me into the prospects in this industry.

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Umbrella Rec said...

So, you're into networking!

Although I am a software guy, I have to deal with networking now and then whenever there's any networking problem in my office. Now I know who is the person I should look for when I need help :)

Constance Chan said...

hahaha no no am not into networking... sorry this post had misled you to think that.. i was actually graphic designer, now a 24 home engineer, mom's taxi and blogger that is going thru hell..hahaha)