Hurry Up or Be Late

Time is Precious. And Expensive. I got his cheap clock to be placed in the bathroom recently. It costs only $1. Cheaper than the batteries! Why do I need a clock in the bathroom?

Ah Boy takes a long time in the loo each morning. Sometimes he reads the newspaper and looses track and ends up late for work. Well, he is not late for work actually but late in beating the time to avoid ERP timing.

ERP is Electronic Road Pricing, very much like 'tolls' on the roads. But Singapore is not a nation with many states yet we have these road pricing on our roads. It used to be just CBD (Central Business Districts) to prevent bottle necks on certain time of the day. Then because it didn't help, the government built more ERP gantries/increased the price/increased the road timing. And when it didn't work anymore, ERPs were built in more roads, expressways and extended to as far as the west side where we live.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hahaha, looks like I need a clock in my bathroom tooo - my hubby spends along time there reading too!