Watch Dora the Explorer in Chinese

I posted an article about Learning Chinese with Dora the Explorer cartoon on my other blog earlier. But because I was unable to embed YouTube video of the sample show, I decided to link it to here, instead. This will at least give you an idea of the cartoon so that you can see if it is suited for your child/children. I didn't get to watch these before I got the DVDs but since I have friends who asked if they were good, I decided to let them have a preview from what I found on YouTube. My girls enjoy watching Dora the Explorer so much that they have even picked up some Spanish from the English/Spanish cartoons. So I reckon that it will work well with Chinese too. However educational products do work differently for each child so what works for one may not mean it works for every child.


Anonymous said...

hey Thanks Hoon, i think Dora in Mandarin is good, i will get one for my girl too :)

Kinoko Land

Constance Chan said...

you're welcome, jipunabor.. if u have probs getting it online, let me know so if u want me to send to you.