Relief from Carpal Tunnel Pain

Years ago, I used to have a terrible ache on my right wrist. It was due to too much of computer typing from early morning till the late night working on tabulations and alignments in catalogs and books. It is also very common among some of my friends to when it comes to certain time of the year when we handle financial reports yearly. After months of working on that, I get a very numb feeling in some of my fingers especially so in the index and middle fingers.

When I visited a doctor, he advised me to shake my hands often after every half hour or so to prevent stiffness and stop the pressure of the median nerve from building up. He also gave me some Ibuprofen to reduce some swelling. He diagnosed it to symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Because of this numbness, I found myself unable to work or blog for long hours at a stretch because of the pain and it sometimes reach a certain extent that I have to stop for a few hours and use ice to bring the swelling down. Although after the medication and ways to stop the swelling, the same numbness usually occur after months later when I am working hard on my projects again. I think oral and application of ointment or ice method does not really solve it permanently, especially when I am doing lots of blogging.


It was until I discover a product that could be the consistent remedy to my painful experience. It is called the IMAK Smart Glove, designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon that can be worn on your wrist and recommended for carpal tunnel relief. It can be used for most pain connected to the wrists, like tennis elbow, arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome of course. Covered by the IMAX Comfort Guarantee and product warranty, this product enables me to get some relief from my agony and will be my desktop companion for a long long time.

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Tammy said...

I get that too. I get it from typing and knitting. It really hurts sometimes.