Selling Milk or Cosmetic

I was doing my grocery shopping this afternoon at NTUC FairPrice. I walked to the section and picked up my little girl's Friso formula and also a softpack Fernleaf Milk Powder for Rae. Then I walked past a lady who stood there trying to promote the Nestle Omega Low Fat Milk.

She asked me to try the product and I just politely declined. She shoved a small sample cup of the milk and insisted that I try it. Not to disappoint her, I did, after all it was a complimentary sample. She then said that I should support her and buy from her. Again, I declined and said I still have a large tin of Anlene at home so I won't buy till I finish that one. Well, this lady couldn't take No for an answer and kept on going on about how this product can last till May 2009 and that it comes with a free gift of a tumbler. Sigh.. she is really doing hard sales now.

I declined again and tried to walk away but she kept on talking and talking. Then I said thank you, next time, not today. And you know what she said?

She said if you drink this you can have lovely fair skin, smooth and beautiful. Then she scrutinized my skin and said "wah you so young got pigmentation liao". She then commented that the pigmentation on my skin was because I didn't take this milk product. I was kinda speechless for a moment! Can you believe it? She then went on to say, this milk can stop the pigmentation! So if I want to look beautiful, must buy this product! Wah Liao! Tak Boleh Tahan!

I was a bit amused but just walked away and let her rattle on. Who is she trying to kid? I think this lady got too desperate. She thinks she is selling cosmetic product ah? Perhaps that was her old job before she moved on to low fat milk!


Taoju said...

hahahahah! aiyo.. cincai lah. buy from that lady lor..lu bo ci liap cheng ee kah hahahaha

Joze Foo said...

wah...this type of sales person very irritating lo