Creative Webcam Free from Qmax

As the hotspots are growing, I decided to sign up for Qmax to get free access to Wifi@sg. Previously to access free wireless broadband access, laptop users will usually patronize Starbucks, McDonalds, BurgerKing and outlets that offer wifi connection free of charge. Lately in the past few years, these free Wifi access had been extended widely indoor and outdoor to public areas without having to go into outlets. All you need is a wifi enabled laptop and you can get connected.

There are several operators, among them that I know of that offers Wifi@sg are iCell, Singnet and Qmax. They offer FREE wifi broadband access for three years, and may be extended. It is part of the national plan developed by IDA to get Singapore to be fully integrated with broadband access, nationwide. Currently I realised that those who are in the West Coast Park having a barbeque could surf by being a registered user with Qmax. Such is the advantage of having public wifi free. I am hoping they will extend to my residential area as soon as possible. Maybe by that time, I can cut cost and cancel my broadband connection!

I signed up as a registered user for Rae last year because her school is in the hotspot area. I can actually surf the internet while waiting in the car for her.. hehehe

And I signed myself up only two weekends ago. Hubby got a free webcam (Creative webcam) and I chose a free ear pc (gonna use it for my laptop) but there was no stock so I can only collect it somewhere in August. Oh Well..


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