Invading Our Privacy?

Many airports globally are installing the new X-ray machine. These backscatter devices are the latest and will allow the airport screeners a clear picture of what is under a person's clothes. Dangerous devices will be seen in clear form by these X ray machine. It is considered a breakthrough in our scanning technology. However there are some concerns by public about these scanners because some feels that it invade the privacy of the person. A revealing picture of a person's nude body can be seen clearly. I read that some airports allow a choice of a pat down (letting security pat your body) or walk through scan of shame (security to see you naked).

So, which one is for you?


Tammy said...

Geez that is wild! I chose neither.

Constance Chan said...

hahahah Tammy!

Zooropa said...

Sometimes the technology made us in dilemma! Blame the criminals!!!