My Girl Has Make Up On! Aiyooo

Rae was in her Danceathon concert last Friday. Her school had organized the Official Opening of the New Building of the school together with a Charity Dinner. It was a big event and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was invited as the Guest of Honour.

Rae and the rest of the school in Tap dance class, Fusion dance, Choir, Band and those who are performing in the Danceathon had been practicing for weeks. So when it was time for the concert, they had to come prepared with makeup on their faces. Rae was so excited about having makeup on. She kept on and on about it.

In the previous stage concerts or dances, the makeup was usually done by their teachers. But this time they requested to have parents to do it at home before they reach school to perform. Gosh, I've not done makeup on a kid before, you know. Because I don't really encourage it. But I've seen them done in the dressing room. So there it was, Mummy Constance had to apply makeup for her anxious daughter! So how did I do? Errr.. I didn't give her a light makeup, but one that I thought was good enough for stage performance. She used most of my Shiseido makeup which was quite expensive! Shiseidos for Blush, Eye Shadow and Eye liner (only on top lids), Lip Liner (MAC) and Lipstick (Shiseido) and my yummy gloss from Biotherm! The only thing I didn't apply on her was mascara..

Rae, all made up for her stage performance

And you know what, she told me that the teacher added a little more for her when she got there... sigh..


Tammy said...

Ah little girls love makeup. ;o)

Constance Chan said...

that is so true, Tammy!

Piggy said...

Sure ur little girl very excited and happy on that day :)....

Mommy helped applying the make-up somemore..... :)