Too Animated For Pics

I saw these set of pictures which I took sometime last year. I wanted to get a proper identification type of photo of Lea for a name tag I made for her. I was only using my handphone to snap as I was too lazy to whip out the digital camera. Guess what, it was more difficult than I thought. I just placed a little Ikea chair against the shoe cabinet and asked her to look at the camera. It took me so many tries (more pictures than what you see here..) sigh.. it is difficult getting a photo out from Lea.


Dynamic said...

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Tammy said...

She is adorable! Aidan is the same way, he won't sit still for pictures. LOL

Anonymous said...

she is so cheeky hor, maybe she is little shy in front the camera?! :)

Kinoko Land

Constance Chan said...

tammy - thanks.. and yeah my kids are so fidgetive all the time.. i have to cut down on their sugar high too..

jipunabor - shy.. err not really wor. at home she not shy one.. more like samseng..heehee