Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Was Here

On Saturday, I was on top of the world. There was going to be a Herb Garden Opening Ceremony at the community estate. The highlight of the day or evening for me was getting to see my favourite MP, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan is the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports in Singapore. He is the elected member of parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

He was going to be the Guest of Honour to to officiate the event opening that evening. I have only met him in person once not too long ago when he visited us in our homes. He is such a friendly person and shows lots of concern to the estate and very welcoming to ideas. My 8 year old girl who met him also during his house visit was also excited to be seeing him again. During the house visit then, she stayed up till late just to make sure she could meet this Very Important Person that Mummy had been raving about.

The Herb Garden is a community project created by the Residents Committee to create a united and friendly neighbourhood spirit among residents. It started at about 5pm and ended at 10pm. I love to do gardening, and I do wonder why did I not sign up to be part of the garden community. Perhaps I was too busy blogging away...

Anyway here are pictures of the fun evening. We also won a 17th prize from the lucky draw conducted live there. My girl also plucked up some courage with her friend to participate on a stage game activity for the kids. My helper also had fun and we both took turns to go back home to bathe so we wouldn't miss out on the lucky draws... hahaha


Shireen Loh said...

looks like everyone had a good time :-)