I took this snapshot sometime last week but totally forgotten about it. This is one of a peddler selling Chilly Padi (Red little Chillies in bags), Gula Melaka, Some herbs, Masako, Salted Fish and even Petais in bags. This is not a common sight in towns but can be found in estate markets. However this one doesn't seemed to be local from the items they have here.

Pic 1: Masako is the Indonesian version of food enhancer, similar to MSG. This was what I learnt from my Indonesian helper

Pic 2: Bags of Petai, a bean vegetable which is very nice if fried with Sambal and Dried Shrimps. The dish is called Sambal Petai, yummy too.

Pic 3: Bags of dried cuttlefish and salted fish. I love salted fish especially when fried with rice. Heavenly!