Landlord Software

Living in an estate that is not paperless can be frustrating. That was what happened about 5 years ago. The security house, manager's office and facilities desk all worked in separate locations within the estate. It was frustrating because each time when I needed to book a tennis court, I need to be down at the facility desk in person to make sure I pick the time and slot I wanted. And advance booking can only be made about 4 days before. It didn't work for me especially when I had to leave for work at 8am and the facility desk clerk only comes in at 9am.

Such is the problem when property management do no adopt proper networking or paperless methods. Perhaps they have a certain budget that prevents them to install this in their computer systems. I do know of how some are restricted because they are just a small cluster of apartment blocks.

However, there is an online property management software that is available for instances like these. An online feature that do not need any software installation is the answer. It is the Buildium's property management software. In other terms, it can be described as a Landlord Software. Integrating features like general ledger accounting, secure online payments, giving residents online access or even receiving maintenance requests. With these features, landlords that own few units of residents for rental can make use of this and let their tenants make payments of rent or other payments online without the need to meet up with the tenants each time. Setting up is easy and you get to choose a package that is suitable for the size of the group.

With the recent demand of various available online software, Buildium has really serve a purpose by setting this niche product to customers. Just imagine when one is away on business, he or she can even handle payments for facility or maintenance from abroad from any computer. It is a real online convenience.