Americans Eating Less, Good or Bad

In recent view of the lower oil prices recently, do you see a domino effect on the reduced consumer consumption of food? I read in this blog about how this blogger actually takes her own views that we should not rejoice in the fact that the reduced consumer food consumption is good because food actually makes up 72% of America's total GNP. Perhaps we did not even thought of that.

However based on studies since 1970, food consumption had actually gone up by 1.8 pounds weekly, and obesity in an average Americans is evident. And when more food is served in an average American's plate, we are also seeing other issues like using up more energy leading to a lesser 'green' living society. Interesting blog. Something for us to ponder. Here is the press release of the blog I was reading up.


Press Release:

WeSeeThat.com – is a blog by the woman who put Pilates on the fitness map in the Nineties which led her to understand how our bodily neuroses produced the obesity epidemic which now exacerbates global warming; feeds the recession; and defines the “red vs. blue” political divide.