A Teochew Dinner

More than a week ago, Hubby and I brought the girls out for a chinese dinner. We seldom go for a sit down chinese dinner in a restaurant because there's only so few of us. The girls don't really eat a lot and sometimes the price is not quite worth the 4-5 pax package.

However, we were bored with the usual food that's usually laden with too much salt, msg and oil outside. We drove to River Valley vicnity as there are several food outlets and decided to go for Teochew food at Teochew Cuisine Restaurant. It was our first time there and because it wasn't crowded and fully air-conditioned, the kids will certainly behave better. We had the noise and the kids will never enter a restaurant that has no air conditioned, yeah spoilt girls.

We didn't order the a-la-carte but ordered from the Chinese Set Menus instead. As usual, they all go from 98, 118, 168... all the numbers for you to pick. We pick the second set suitable for 4-5 pax. I'm sure with Hubby and I and Kakak, that would be 3 adults and the 2 girls could muster enough appetite for one adult.

The food was delivered promptly, we didn't wait too long. We saw that many diners that dine here either have sets or they go for mostly the Teochew Style Steamed Fish. Ours had Steamed Fish too, and yes - it was nice and fresh indeed. The other dishes were also wonderful. The only thing that didn't suit my palatte was the last course, a dessert of some yam, deep fried in sugary crisp melon sugar outside. It was too sweet and it was too heavy for me. I'd rather have those normal sweet but cold dessert instead of the hot deepfried ones as a grand finale. We didn't eat those, asked them to pack and brought them home. (Yes, we are a typical chinese family)

The Restaurant's Namecard
(worst namecards I've seen, i had to tweak the colour
otherwise, you won't be able to see the text!)

Our Steamed Garoupa (this is Cantonese Style, because I don't see
the usual salted mustards?)

The Braised Claypot with lots of chewy stuff
(Sea cucumber, Abalone and etc) that I don't eat..lol

The Meat Platter

This is a version of Battered Prawns that was also dipped in Duck Yolk
before they deep fried it. Was very yummy indeed!

We packed the dessert up (12 pcs of Deep Fried Yam)
Too sweet for my taste! and we rushed home to catch the
closing ceremony of the Olympics Game!


Kikey Loo said...

wah... i love all the foods... yummy!!

Zooropa said...

Yummy food! I always love to eat something like the 2nd pix, claypot dishes.


stay-at-home mum said...

Looks good, Another place that youcan try authentic teochew food is: Ah Orh at Bukit Merah Road - it is an air-con tze char. Over there try the steam promfret, the meat dish like the one you had or even hay cho (prawn rolls). Their sambal cray fish is really good too!
Now you have me drooling and wanting to go have some teochew food!

Anonymous said...

aiyoh wa pa tor eau liao loh ... :)