Driving Mummy Up The Wall

Every day I have to persuade my girls to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, take bath, sleep. Do you Mummy Bloggers do that? Or is it just my kids? From the time they wake up, I have to ask them to brush teeth, again and again. Perhaps this will lead to us Mummys nagging? But when it comes to them eating sweets, ice cream, chips, aiyo.. they just go grab doubly fast. When it comes to playing games on the pc, or going down to the playground, they are there in quick second.. sometimes I feel like I've become a robot by just saying the same things daily from morning to night!

When they irritate each other, they are both so pandai to come tell on each other.. when one never do the things I asked the other will be trying to get in my good books... wow.. and they keep arguing over the same toys, books, tv programmes and even who sits on which sofa! Just an hour ago they fight over the bed.. Kids.. I wonder if I was just as bad with my sis when I was that young..

And look at this Lea, can you just be angry with her when she looks like that? sigh..


IMMomsDaughter said...

Ha ha...that face is too cute to be angry with. I know as I also have a brat like that. And when there are two of them complaining at each other for the most petty things, they really drive me up the wall too :P So, you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

sure not only u, sometimes she eats very slow or she says she is full, i feel like "cekek" her when she tries to test my patience..... sigh.... but when she eats everything without lot of nagging, she is very proud of herself showing off her empty bowl...hahaha